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The Application is due April 2, 2024

H.S. Students: Fort Atkinson High School, 925 Lexington Blvd., Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

Adult Students: Madison Area Technical College–Fort Atkinson, 827 Banker Rd., Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

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A non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to provide financial aid to qualified individuals who wish to continue their education through a technical college or trade school.

What is the Vocational & Technical Scholarship Program?

What programs qualify for scholarship aid?


Any accredited vocational or technical degree program of two years of less in duration qualifies for this aid. It is not available for programs intended to fulfill class requirements for four-year degree programs from universities.

How is the program funded?


This is a community project dependent upon voluntary contributions from businesses and local organizations, clubs and individuals.

Who is eligible to apply?


Anyone who has received a high school diploma or equivalent and is now living or working in the Fort Atkinson School District.

Do award recipients have to attend specific schools?


Scholarship winners are free to select any recognized vocational/technical school in the United States.  

How many award recipients will there be? How large are the awards?


This will be determined by the amount of funds donated, the number of applicants, and the cost of the vocational or technical program. Awards have ranged up to $2,000.

How are award recipients selected?


After an initial screening conducted with the cooperation of the Fort Atkinson High School Pupil Services Department staff, the Vocational & Technical Scholarship Commitee reviews all applications and makes its award recommendations to the Board of Directors for final selection. Financial need is not the sole criteria for selecting recipients. We also look at the earnestness of the student, clarity of goals, and the ability of the education sought to enhance the student's employability.

Where are applications available?


Applications are available at Madison Area Technical College-Fort Atkinson, Fort Atkinson High School and other area schools as well as many area businesses.


Check with your local school counselor,




Click the Application Form button above.


or write to:


Fort Atkinson Vocational & Technical 

Scholarship Program 

P.O. Box 218

Fort Atkinson, WI 53538-0218





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